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About The Equinox Apothecary

T.E.A. Is proudly located in the heart of Oregon, nestled in the Willamette Valley. We are surrounded by life and try to bring that energy into everything that we do. The Pacific Northwest is home to bountiful nature, and the Willamette Valley with the strong Willamette River brings plenty of wild energy into our works.

We pull in a lot of influence from the world around us in our magic. The many abundant trails to wander help clear our minds and souls, allowing us to work more efficiently. Every item sold has spent time taking in that great quality atmosphere the PNW Willamette Valley has to offer. We will be updating the site with weekly rotating photos of where we work in nature.

Most items in the shoppe will have some charge from the valley, whether empowered by the moon, sun, or another element available to us. We are proud of our home and are excited to share the energies with you!

Born in the PNW

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We love to show off where we live, click here to come and travel with us around Oregon.

Amanda Brooks


Amanda is our Macramé artist and a psychic grounding stone for the rest of us. When not purifying energies around us or crafting she is making sure Phil is walked regularly 🙂

Theo Higdon


Theo is our full-fledged witch, trained from a young age in the ways of spellcraft, and Wicca. He has direct associations and dealings with a great number of deities and entities.

Philip Brooks

Webdesigner / Product Designer

Philip is our webmaster and digital designer. It is strongly believed that he is descended from dragons and can growl/purr to prove it.

The Pug Boys

Good Luck Charms

Mardi, Gras and Pugsly Addams – These energetic (HA!) little pugtato’s give us the will to carry on, even when things are at their worst.