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Here we’ll travel down the long road of fortune telling, soothsaying, prophesying. We’ll discuss the many methods people have used to divine the future, seek answers, and gather insight.

Divination is the practice of asking questions and receiving answers. Many cultures have their own unique styles of divination, which have evolved over time as the world modernizes. Most styles have tools crafted from materials specific to the culture the style is from.

Word of Caution

Always look into the divination style before practicing, some styles are closed culture practice. That means the style of divination is special to a culture and should only be practiced by people of that culture.

All Divination Posts

Smoke Scrying: Exploring the Mystical Art of Capnomancy

Smoke Scrying: Exploring the Mystical Art of Capnomancy

ByTheo, WitchAug 9, 2023
Learn about smoke scrying, an ancient divination method that uses smoke to reveal spiritual messages. Find out the history, meanings, techniques, and interpretations of this practice.

Osteomancy: The Ancient Art of Bone Divination

ByTheo, WitchJul 15, 2023
Learn about osteomancy, the ancient art of bone divination, and how to use animal bones to seek spiritual insight and guidance.
Flame Scrying

Unveiling the Flames: Flame-Scrying

ByTheo, WitchJul 8, 2023
Learn about pyromancy, the ancient art of flame scrying, and how to use it for divination and spiritual insight. Discover its history, techniques, meanings, and safety tips.

Lithomancy: Delving into the Divination of Stones

ByTheo, WitchJul 3, 2023
Lithomancy: Delving into the Divination of Stones. Learn about the history, practice, interpretation, creation, and safety of this ancient form of divination.
Crystal Ball Scrying

Crystal Ball Scrying

ByTheo, WitchJul 1, 2023
Crystal Ball Scrying: A Mystical Practice for Spiritual Seekers. Learn about the history, techniques, interpretation, and safety precautions used in crystal ball scrying.
Mirror Scrying

Catoptromancy – Mirror Scrying

ByTheo, WitchJun 24, 2023
Learn about mirror scrying, an ancient divination method that uses mirrors to reveal hidden realms and spiritual insights. Find out how to practice, and interpret the powerful scrying technique known as catoptromancy.
Scrying Base

Introduction to the Many Ways of Scrying

ByTheo, WitchJun 20, 2023
Discover scrying: the ancient art of second sight. Learn how to use crystals, mirrors, water, and more to reveal hidden messages.
Celtic Ogham Divination

Celtic Ogham Divination

ByTheo, WitchMay 17, 2023
In this blog post, you will learn more about the origin and meaning of the Ogham alphabet, and how you can use it for divination purposes.
Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Reading

ByTheo, WitchMay 4, 2023
One of the most popular forms of divination is tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography or teomancy. In this article we will dive into this ancient practice.

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