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A place to find miscellaneous ramblings on all manner of witchy subjects that do not fit neatly into any category.

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Stinging Nettle

Foraging: Stinging Nettle

ByTheo, WitchSep 16, 2023
Learn how to forage and use stinging nettle, a versatile wild plant with culinary, medicinal, and magical benefits. A comprehensive guide.
Harvest Hearth Stew

Recipe: Harvest Hearth Stew

ByTheo, WitchSep 15, 2023
Discover how to make a Harvest Hearth Stew, a comforting and nourishing dish that honors Mabon and the equinox. Learn about the magical properties of autumnal vegetables and herbs.
Mabon Apple Loaf

Recipe: Apple Harvest Loaf

ByTheo, WitchSep 8, 2023
Discover how to make a Magical Apple Harvest Loaf, a delicious and festive recipe that honors Mabon and the equinox. Learn about the magical properties of this delicious combination.
Mallow Varieties

Foraging: Unveiling the Wonders of Mallow

ByTheo, WitchAug 2, 2023
Discover the wonders of mallow, a wild plant with edible, medicinal, and magical uses. Learn how to identify, forage, and utilize this versatile herb.
Summer Skewers

Recipe: Grilled Chicken and Mango Skewers

ByTheo, WitchJul 30, 2023
Enjoy Grilled Chicken and Mango Skewers, a summer dish that combines savory and sweet flavors and magical ingredients that nourish the body and spirit.
Lammas Bread

Recipe: Lammas Bread

ByTheo, WitchJul 28, 2023
Celebrate Lughnasadh with this easy and delicious recipe for Lammas bread. Learn the meaning and history of this traditional Pagan dish.
Hlæfdige Lady of Loaf's Sacred Bread

Recipe: Hlæfdige Lady of Loaf’s Sacred Bread

ByTheo, WitchJul 21, 2023
Learn how to make a Lammas staple, Hlæfdige Lady of Loaf’s Sacred Bread, a magical recipe that nourishes your body and soul with ancient traditions and mysticism.
Foraging: Discovering the Wonders of Chickweed

Foraging: Discovering the Wonders of Chickweed

ByTheo, WitchJul 18, 2023
Learn everything you need to know about chickweed, a versatile wild edible plant with culinary and medicinal uses. Read on and get inspired!
Magical Hummas

Recipe: Magical Simple Hummus

ByTheo, WitchJul 14, 2023
Make your own magical simple hummus with this easy recipe and learn about the magical properties of its ingredients. A delicious and healthy treat for body and spirit.

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