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Celtic Ogham Divination

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Celtic Ogham Divination

If you are interested in exploring the ancient wisdom and magic of the Celtic culture, you may want to learn about the Celtic Ogham Divination. This is a form of divination that uses the Ogham alphabet, a system of 25 letters that each correspond to a tree or plant. The Ogham alphabet was created by the god Ogma, who was a master of eloquence and learning. He used the alphabet to record events and communicate with otherworldly beings.

In this blog post, you will learn more about the origin and meaning of the Ogham alphabet, and how you can use it for divination purposes.

Celtic Ogham Divination

The Celtic Ogham Divination is an ancient form of divination that uses the Ogham alphabet, which dates to around the 4th century. The Ogham alphabet is believed to have originated in Ireland and was used by the Druids as a means of communication, recording events and for magical purposes. The Ogham alphabet consists of 25 letters and a handful of symbols for writing purposes, each of which is represented by a tree or plant.

The alphabet consists of a series of strokes or lines carved into stones or wood, and each stroke represents a different letter. The Ogham alphabet is said to have been created by the god Ogma, and it was used primarily for carving inscriptions on stone, bone, or wood.

The God Ogma

Ogma is a god from Irish mythology, who was considered the patron of eloquence and learning. He was known as the “Honey-Tongued,” due to his ability to craft beautiful speeches and persuade others with his words. Ogma was also revered for his exceptional physical strength and was often depicted as a warrior wielding a club.

In Irish myth, Ogma was said to have created the Ogham alphabet, a system of 25 letters used for writing the Irish language. According to legend, he invented the script to preserve knowledge and wisdom, and the letters themselves were inspired by the shapes of various trees.

Ogma was a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, a race of supernatural beings who were said to have ruled over Ireland before the arrival of the Celts. He was one of the champions of the Tuatha Dé in their battles against the Formorians, a race of monstrous beings who sought to conquer Ireland. Despite his physical prowess, however, Ogma was ultimately captured by the Formorians and subjected to cruel treatment. He was eventually rescued by the Tuatha Dé and continued to be celebrated as a hero and patron of learning.

Divining with the Ogham

Here are some tips for using Ogham divination in your practice:

  1. Choose your set of Ogham symbols: You can create your own set of Ogham symbols by carving them onto pieces of wood or stone, or you can purchase a set. (Coming soon to our shoppe) It’s important to choose a set of symbols that speaks to you and resonates with your energy.
  2. Set your intention: Before you begin your divination session, take a moment to set your intention. Think about the question or situation that you want guidance on and focus your energy on that intention. This will help to create a clear and focused space for your divination practice.
  3. Draw or cast your symbols: There are several ways to draw or cast your Ogham symbols. You can draw them one at a time from a bag or pouch, or you can cast them like dice and interpret the symbols based on their position and relationship to each other. You can also lay them out in a specific pattern or spread, like tarot or oracle cards.
  4. Interpret the symbols: Once you have drawn or cast your symbols, take some time to interpret their meanings. Each symbol has its own unique energy and interpretation, so it’s important to trust your intuition and allow the symbols to speak to you in their own way. You can also use a reference guide or book to help you interpret the symbols, but always remember to trust your own inner wisdom and intuition.
  5. Reflect on the guidance: After you have interpreted the symbols, take some time to reflect on the guidance they have provided. Think about how the symbols relate to your original question or situation and consider how you can apply this guidance to your life moving forward. Remember that Ogham divination is a tool for self-discovery and empowerment, and the guidance you receive is meant to help you on your journey of personal growth and transformation.

About the Ogham alphabet

The Ogham alphabet is a combination of straight and diagonal lines and is often referred to as the “Celtic Tree Alphabet.” Each letter represents a specific tree or plant, and each has its own unique spiritual and magical properties. The trees represented in the Ogham alphabet are thought to hold special significance in Celtic mythology and are often associated with the natural world and the cycle of life.

Each letter in the Ogham alphabet has its own unique energy and associations, and can be used for divination, magic, and meditation. Whether you are a Pagan, a Celtic enthusiast, or simply interested in ancient symbols and languages, the Ogham alphabet is a fascinating system that can offer insight and guidance in many areas of life.

Interpreting the Ogham alphabet

To use the Ogham alphabet for divination, a set of Ogham staves or sticks is used. These staves are typically made from wood or bone and are marked with the Ogham symbols. The diviner selects a set of staves and tosses them onto a flat surface, such as a table or the ground. The way the staves land determines the reading.

There are 25 letters in the Ogham alphabet, each of which is named after a tree or plant. These letters were used by the Druids as a form of communication and were also used in divination and magic. In this article, we will take a closer look at each of the 25 letters in the Ogham alphabet and explore their meanings and associations.


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