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Dec 31st – The 12th Day of Yule

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Dec 31th – Spiritually & Physically cleanse of the House, Thorr & Sif, Divination Spread of the New Year

The twelfth day of Yule we celebrate the final day of the year.

On this day we honor Thor and Sif. Thor and Sif will aid you in blessing your house for protection and driving out the last of the Yule Spirits. We cleanse our home spiritually and physically. It’s the last chance in our current year to do a reading for the New Year.


Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with lightning, thunder, storms, sacred groves and trees, strength, the protection of mankind, hallowing, and fertility. Sif is a golden-haired goddess associated with earth, wheat, fertility, and family.

Tonight, you will be honoring Thor and Sif, as well as blessing your house for protection and driving out the last of the wandering Yule spirits who are still between the worlds. It was traditional to end the Yule festivities by “chasing the Yule out”.


In familial and social matters, Sif is an ally to those who would seek to foster peace between disputing parties and can be called upon as an agent of frith (‘peace’) and hospitality, and the marriage and oath bonds which bind together families and peoples. She is usually a gentle Goddess, but do not mistake that gentleness for weakness; She is, after all, the bride of thunder, and sometimes a very strongly worded talking-to, or a firm guiding hand, is what is necessary to keep the often-complicated relationships within families and groups running smoothly.

Honoring Thor

There are countless ways to honor the thunder god. Prayer, libations, blots, living your life honorably and bravely, going outside and planting an oak tree. The standard stuff! Really any way that you want to would be a good way, just so long as it is honorable. Leaving on your altar Thor’s hammer figures, model goats (ideally pulling a cart), weapons, shield, metal lightning-bolts, rainwater, garlic, leek, onion, hawthorn, houseleek, tormentil, oak.

Honoring Sif

The best offering for Sif’s frithful aspect is faithful action and striving to cultivate the discernment to see what that may be in different circumstances. Bringing one’s best self to Her worship is always valued. Rumormongering and slander are contraindicated for a successful long-term relationship with Her.

Spiritually & Physically Cleansing of the House

Today, spiritually and physically cleanse your house. One way to accomplish this is to burn herbs which were traditionally associated with driving away evil energies (namely Mugwort and Juniper in the northern traditions) and fumigate the house, starting from the back of the house and working your way to the front and out the front door. Fire and iron were also believed to drive away malicious spirits, and one could carry fire or iron through the house with prayers for Thor’s aid. Take the ashes you saved from your Yule log and sprinkle them across the doorways for protection.

Divination Spread of the New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve! Final day to practice magic in this year before we move on to the new one. The best practice is a large grand reading for the New Year. No matter your style of reading there are a lot of research and help online. Traditional practice was Runes, and the most common reading was selecting a rune for each month. There are a lot of card spreads for seering into the coming year.


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8 months ago

Let us honour Thor and Sif, by living OUR lives honorably and bravely and through faithful action!
Blessed Yule