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How to Use: Spell Bottles

Approx. Reading time: About 3 Minutes


All of the spell bottles sold in the Shoppe are made by me, Theo. Many spell bottles may look alike, as most practitioners are using the same basic understanding of magic. However, never assume that all spells are the same from different crafters.

Each crafter has a slightly different tradition that they are taught that affects not only the creation of, but also the actual use, of a spell bottle. I make no comment on which way is best, if there is indeed such a measurement, I only wish to explain my spells to you.

So without further ado In this post, I will illustrate what sets mine apart from others and how to best utilize them.

Intentions and Potential

An intention is a statement or image that clearly defines your wants and desires. It needs to be achievable, with a defined cycle or timely end. In general, you do not want to leave spells open-ended. This invites grievance into your space. A spell left open to wander becomes attractive to things in the world you may not be ready to deal with. The best practice is to write out your intention so you can visualize it before committing to it.

Intention is a specific reaction, while charged protentional is an open invocation in a specific direction. Although a spell bottle can be used without intention, it isn’t much without potential. All my spell bottles come charged with potential, otherwise, they would just be pretty bottles full of random items. 

To charge my spell bottles with protentional I combine herbs, spices, and stone together that share specific magical properties to create the base of the spellwork. Those ingredients are chosen to direct specific magical energies. We strive to have enough options for each spell bottle type to invoke a specific intention.

For example, the Love Spell Bottle is charged with the protentional of Love. This charged protentional is open to all Love. As it says in the product’s description: “In this bottle are several herbs and minerals that promote positive love energies. The addition of a charged stone will focus the energies. This spell is a great starter, it can be charged with direct intentions.” It’s simple to invoke an intention on one of my charged spell bottles, the energy is waiting for you to focus it. Each spell type has a unique need for focusing intention, but the method is the same.

The Spell bottle is kind of like a car, right? You have a car (The Bottle), but if you don’t put in the right fuel (The Correct magical components ie. the Potential) it won’t go anywhere but even after you have a car with a full tank of gas you still need to know your destination (The Intention). So Theo’s spells are a car with a full tank of specialized gas designed to go exactly where you want, all you need to do is add the destination.


How to Use a Spell Bottle

Now that you know a bit more about what is in one of my spell bottles it’s time to see how to actually use them.

Calm your mind, clear your head. You need to fill yourself with what you want the spell bottle to do for you. Focus on your intention, if you’ve written it out have it with you and the spell bottle. Hold both the spell bottle and the written intention comfortably, focusing on the intention. Allow the energy to fill you up and pass it into the spell bottle. You will feel the bottle grow spiritually, some people feel it as the bottle becomes brighter, or heavier, maybe warmer.

Depending on the spell type the sensation of the intention taking hold can feel different. The Love Spells may feel warmer, full. The Protection Spell may feel heavier, under pressure. The Wealth Spells may feel lighter, buzzing. The Health Spells may feel cooler, empty. The Motivation Spell may feel energetic, brighter. Sometimes strong imagery bounces back to the holder. A protection spell may show off a visual representation of its job, like a brick wall.

Once a spell bottle is charged how you want it, it’s important to place it in the most effective area for usage. If the spell and your intentions are personal, or the desire is for the person most affected is you. You need to have the bottle with you. We have bottle pouches for sale in the Shoppe for wearing your spell. If the intention is a goal that will happen around you, leave your bottle on your altar or in a safe place in your home that sees a lot of your energy travel through it. Do not leave the bottles in continuous direct sunlight, glass can magnify the rays and be dangerous.


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