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Ritual – Cord Cutting Ritual

Ritual - Cord Cutting

Approx. Reading time: About 3 Minutes

Ritual - Cord Cutting


Cord-Cutting Ritual

A cord-cutting ritual is a powerful tool to magically separate the witch from negative energies, entities, or people. The typical ritual uses two candles is a way to disconnect from things and relationships holding you back on both conscious and subconscious levels. It involves using two candles of your choice, a cord or rope, scissors, and a fire-safe container to symbolically cut the energetic cords that bind you to someone or something.

Ritual - Cord Cutting
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Cord Cutting Ritual

Prep Time15 minutes
Charging15 minutes
Ritual Type: General Magic
Type: Rituals
Author: Theo, Witch


  • A Lighter.
  • Sharp Scissors.
  • Piece of paper and a pen Pencils are not recommended.


  • 2 sturdy candles with solid wicks.
  • 2 flat and solid candle bases.
  • 100% cotton string.
  • Sage recommended but optional.


Write down your desired intention

  • Start by writing down a powerful statement about the feeling that no longer serves you. For example, “At this moment, the pain I’ve felt will leave my mind and heart.” You can make this one sentence long if that one sentence resonates with you strongly enough. If you wish to have an intention that is several sentences or even several paragraphs long, this is your choice.
  • Take your time with this step, it is the most important as it will shape the extent of the cutting.
  • Remember that emotions live in your body, so speak directly to where these emotions have taken up residence. Consider calling out the specific parts of your body that you feel the pain the most. You command this pain to leave, so call it out with conviction.
  • For example, “My heart will let go from all guilt and shame and fill with love.”
  • There is no “perfect” way to do it, you are ready when you feel that the intention covers everything you wish to accomplish.

Prepare your cord-cutting candles

  • Each candlewick will support the ceremonial cord that you’ll be cutting.
  • Place each candle firmly on its stand.
    2 flat and solid candle bases., 2 sturdy candles with solid wicks.
  • Ensure the area is free of curious pets, children, familiars, and anything that creates a safety hazard.
  • For general safety, this ritual is best performed outside with a hose nearby.
  • Gently tie the 100% cotton string around each of your candles. Depending on the length of time the connection has existed will dictate how high or low upon the candle to tie your string, the longer the connection the lower on your candles you should tie your cord.
    This is the physical representation of the metaphysical cord you will be cutting.
    100% cotton string.

Light both candlewicks

  • Have your written intention at hand
  • Make sure you lite both wicks.
  • The flame will often go out; you need to reignite it.
  • Allow the process to proceed, relighting the flames as needed but know that this is natural.

Read your intention aloud with conviction

  • While the wick is lit, state your intention allowed and with conviction seven times. If the flame goes out remember just relight it.
  • Start with a normal tone, but each time state it louder and with more emotional intensity.
  • This builds up the energy that will permanently cut the cord.

Cut the ceremonial cord

  • Now comes the critical moment we have been building towards – It’s time to cut the cord.
  • Take several calming breaths and feel the weight melt away from your mind, down your neck and shoulders and away from your heart.
  • Take a single deep breath and enjoy a very long exhale.
  • Cut the string connecting the two candles at the end of the exhale.


Wrapping up The Ritual

  • If you know who it is that is affecting you write their name on a separate piece of paper and burn it. Take the ashes and bury them.
  • Burning sage in the area of the ritual will clear away any lingering negative energies, especially helpful for the energy vampires as they will be “feeling” around for something else to latch onto.
  • Take some time for yourself. Enjoy your favorite tea, take a long walk in the woods, whatever you choose mark it as a fresh starting point now that you are free.

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