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Dec 20th – The 1st Day of Yule

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Mother’s Night, the Disir, Yule’s Eve, Frigg

As the veil between worlds grows thin and the frost-kissed winds announce the impending arrival of Yule, December 20th takes on a mystical hue. It is a night of significance, heralding the commencement of Yule’s enchantment—Mother’s Night, the eve of Yule itself, where the feminine energies that cradle and empower life are celebrated in a dance with the spirits of fate and fertility.

Yule’s Eve and the Feminine Powers

In the hushed embrace of Yule’s Eve, the world prepares for a dance with enchantment. Known as Mother’s Night, this celestial prelude to Yule is a tapestry woven with threads of reverence for the feminine energies that sculpt and nurture the very fabric of our lives. As the frost-kissed winds whisper ancient tales, preparations unfold for the grandeur of Yule, a crescendo that reaches its zenith with the Winter Solstice on the 21st.

Homage to the Feminine Powers

 Yule’s Eve becomes a sacred canvas upon which practitioners paint their gratitude for the feminine forces that shape existence. It’s a celebration of the nurturing energies, both seen and unseen, that guide the cycles of life, a recognition of the mystical dance between creation and sustenance. The air is infused with a sense of anticipation as altars are adorned, spaces are consecrated, and the veil between the mundane and the magical begins to shimmer.

Commencement of Yule’s Grandeur

This eve is not merely a precursor; it’s the initiation into the grandeur of Yule. As the moon casts its silvery glow, a symphony of rituals and preparations commences. Altars dedicated to the sacred feminine are carefully arranged, each item a testament to the qualities of love, protection, and wisdom embodied by the goddesses and female spirits. Candles flicker, resonating with the flame of divine femininity, and incense weaves a fragrant tapestry in honor of the unseen forces that weave through the cosmos.

The Long Night and Magic of Yule

To fully partake in the joyous days that unfold, a good night’s rest is recommended. The coming day, marked by the Winter Solstice, is a canvas upon which the magic of Yule is painted. The Winter Solstice is a celestial spectacle, a moment when the sun’s journey seems to pause before heralding the return of light. In the longest night, magic stirs, and the practitioners, well-rested and attuned, become custodians of ancient rites.

The long night is not merely a passage of time but a tapestry of moments where the mundane and the magical coalesce. It’s a time when the sacred and the secular converge, and the boundaries between worlds thin. The practitioners, with hearts brimming with reverence, embark on a journey through the night, guided by the luminous threads of Yule’s enchantment.


Recipe: Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Making Pumpkin Bread Pudding
Celebrate Mother’s Night with this heartwarming recipe for Nurturing Pumpkin Bread Pudding. Honor the feminine figures in your life with this delicious dish.

A Symphony of Feminine Energy

As the world sleeps, Yule’s Eve becomes a symphony of feminine energy, echoing through the realms. It’s an ode to the nurturing spirits and goddesses who, in their unseen presence, cradle the Earth in their eternal embrace. The eve, steeped in tradition and bathed in the glow of candlelight, becomes a sanctuary for communing with the divine feminine, a moment to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life and the sacred dance of creation.

In the silence of Yule’s Eve, beneath the blanket of stars, practitioners stand as witnesses to the cosmic ballet. The feminine energies, revered and honored, become the guiding lights through the longest night, promising the dawn of a new cycle, a new beginning, and the continuation of the ageless dance of life.

The Disir – Guardians of Fate and Fertility

On the hallowed eve of Yule, the sacred space within homes and upon altars transforms into a haven for the Disir. These ethereal beings, revered as the guardians of fate and fertility, emerge from the veil between worlds to grace the realms of the living. Their presence is a tapestry of protection, woven intricately through the fabric of ancestral lineage.

An Altar Adorned with Essence

As the practitioner prepares for the sacred night, an altar dedicated to the Disir takes shape—a portal where the mundane converges with the mystical. The altar becomes a testament to the essence of these protective female spirits, adorned with symbols and items resonating with their ethereal qualities. In this sacred nexus, herbs such as basil, with their aromatic whispers of love, fennel, embodying the essence of gratitude, lavender, a fragrant ode to devotion, and sage, the wise guardian, find their place.

  • Basil’s Embrace of Love – The sweet scent of basil permeates the air, a fragrant embrace of love that transcends the boundaries of time. It is a reminder of the enduring affection woven into the threads of familial bonds. Basil, with its heart-shaped leaves, symbolizes the love that stretches across generations, connecting the living with the ancestral embrace.
  • Fennel’s Grateful Dance – In the flickering candlelight, fennel leaves sway gracefully, embodying the spirit of gratitude. The Disir, guardians of fate, are honored with the essence of thankfulness. Fennel, with its feathery fronds, becomes a dance of appreciation for the blessings bestowed by the hands of those who walked before. It is a symbol of the cyclical exchange of gratefulness that transcends the boundaries of life and death.
  • Lavender’s Devotion Unveiled – The purple hues of lavender paint the altar with an aura of devotion. The Disir, custodians of lineage, are acknowledged with the essence of unwavering dedication. Lavender, with its calming fragrance, becomes a bridge between the seen and the unseen, a reminder that devotion endures beyond the veils of mortality.
  • Sage’s Wisdom Guarding the Tapestry – The wisps of sage rise, like fragrant tendrils, carrying with them the wisdom of the Disir. Sage, with its purifying properties, stands as a guardian at the threshold between realms. The Disir, in their ethereal wisdom, guides the living with their insights, shaping the destiny woven in the intricate threads of life’s tapestry.

A Nexus of Protection and Love

As the altar takes form, it becomes a nexus where protection, love, and guidance converge. The Disir, honored on this sacred eve, becomes the interweaving threads connecting the present with the past. The altar is not just a physical space; it is a bridge where the living commune with the spirits of the ancestral feminine, acknowledging their eternal presence in the dance of fate and fertility. In this sacred communion, the Disir’s vigil unfolds, embracing the practitioner in the protective and loving embrace of the divine feminine across the tapestry of time.

Honoring Frigg, Goddess of Motherhood

As the night deepens into the embrace of Yule’s Eve, the focus shifts to the sacred figure of Frigg, a beacon of motherhood and divine femininity in the tapestry of Germanic mythology. In the watery halls of Fensalir, where echoes of maternal wisdom reverberate, Frigg takes center stage on this enchanted eve. The practitioner, guided by the flickering candlelight, embarks on a journey of homage to the goddess who embodies the essence of marriage, prophecy, clairvoyance, and, above all, motherhood.

The imagery of Fensalir, the ethereal abode of Frigg, paints a mystical canvas in the practitioner’s mind. The halls, adorned with the soft luminescence of watery reflections, symbolize the fluidity of maternal guidance. Fensalir is not merely a dwelling place; it is a sacred space where the waters of intuition and nurturing love converge.

As the practitioner stands before the altar, images of Frigg unfold in the mind’s eye—her presence, a tapestry of maternal wisdom. Frigg’s gaze, like the reflective surface of tranquil waters, unveils the depths of her insights. She beckons the practitioner to delve into the intuitive realms, to seek answers in the quietude of the heart, and to trust the sacred dance of prophecy and clairvoyance that unfolds within.

Frigg, in her association with marriage, becomes a symbol of the union between the earthly and the divine. The practitioner, in honoring Frigg, acknowledges the sacred bonds woven not only in marital unions but also in the profound connections between generations. The marriage of earth and sky, of the mundane and the divine, finds expression in the rituals of this sacred eve.

The essence of Frigg’s presence is most palpable in the acknowledgment of motherhood. The practitioner, whether a parent or one who looks to the nurturing energies of the divine feminine, pays tribute to the sacred role of mothers. Frigg’s embrace extends beyond biological ties, encompassing all who seek the comforting arms of maternal love and guidance.

On the altar, symbols of Frigg—a representation of her watery realm, perhaps a small bowl filled with water or reflective surfaces—take their place. Offerings of herbs resonant with the energy of motherhood, like chamomile for soothing comfort, rosemary for remembrance, and jasmine for maternal love, become tokens of reverence.

As the night unfolds, the practitioner, guided by Frigg’s grace, engages in a mystical ritual. The names of Frigg’s twelve handmaidens are inscribed on pieces of paper, and each person present draws one. The mystery of the chosen handmaiden becomes a guiding force for the coming year—a practice of devotion to specific qualities represented by each.

In the quiet moments of communion, the practitioner, with heartfelt sincerity, seeks Frigg’s blessing. The goddess of motherhood is invoked not as a distant deity but as a guiding force ever-present in the sacred journey of parenthood and nurturing love. The practitioner, in honoring Frigg on this Yule’s Eve, becomes a participant in the eternal dance of maternal energies, acknowledging their role in the cosmic symphony of life.

Setting Up a Disir Altar

As Yule’s Eve unfolds, a practitioner, attuned to the subtle energies of the sacred, embarks on the sacred task of creating an altar dedicated to the Disir. These protective female spirits, guardians of fate and fertility, are honored on this enchanting eve, and the practitioner, with intention and reverence, crafts a space that resonates with the energies of love, protection, and ancestral guidance.

Elements of the Disir Altar:

  • Candles of Illumination: A soft glow emanates from candles carefully arranged on the altar. The flickering flames symbolize the eternal light of the Disir, a guiding force through the intricate threads of fate. The choice of colors, perhaps gentle hues of white, blue, or silver, reflects the purity and transcendence associated with these ethereal guardians.
  • Offering Bowl or Plate: At the heart of the altar lies an offering bowl or plate, a vessel of abundance and gratitude. This receptacle, chosen with care, becomes a symbol of the practitioner’s willingness to receive the blessings and guidance of the Disir. It is a space where tokens of appreciation and devotion find a tangible form.
  • Subtle Imagery of Celebration: Imagery celebrating the spirits being honored adorns the altar. Photographs of female ancestors, images of nurturing goddesses, or symbolic representations of fate and fertility find their place. These visual cues serve as portals connecting the practitioner with the spiritual realm of the Disir.
  • Feast of Favorite Delights: A feast of favorite treats and delights, carefully chosen to resonate with the tastes and preferences of the honored spirits, graces the altar. The practitioner, with culinary artistry, prepares dishes that evoke memories and stir the energies of love and joy. It is a banquet inviting the Disir to partake in the festivities.

Alter setup notes

For those seeking to establish a distinct space for the Disir, a separate altar becomes a focal point of reverence. Here, the practitioner can channel creativity into arranging a sacred tableau, a visual symphony of elements resonant with feminine energies. The space is consecrated with intention, becoming a nexus where the veil between the earthly and the spiritual is thin.

The act of laying out a feast is not merely a culinary endeavor; it is a gesture of hospitality and invitation. The practitioner, in a moment of quiet communion, invites the Disir to partake in the celebration. It is a symbolic sharing of nourishment, a recognition that the bonds between the seen and the unseen are woven in the fabric of sustenance and joy.

In the creation of the Disir altar, the practitioner engages in a sacred act of weaving a tapestry of love, protection, and ancestral reverence. Each element, from the gentle glow of candles to the offerings laid out with care, contributes to the harmonious dance between the earthly and the divine. The Disir, honored in this crafted space, became companions in the practitioner’s journey through the sacred days of Yule.

Activities on Mother’s Night

In the enchanting embrace of Mother’s Night, the hearth and kitchen, historical domains of feminine influence, awaken with the flickering glow of celebration. This sacred eve beckons practitioners to engage in a tapestry of activities that honor the Disir and the feminine energies that have shaped and guided lives.

  • Culinary Alchemy in the Hearth – The kitchen, a haven where the alchemy of flavors unfolds, becomes a sacred space of creation on Mother’s Night. Practitioners, attuned to the tastes and preferences of the honored females, embark on a culinary journey. Favorite treats, desserts, side dishes, and main meals are crafted with meticulous care, each dish resonating with the essence of love and gratitude.
  • Offerings for the Altar – As pots simmer and ovens whisper tales of warmth, a portion of the culinary delights is reserved, a symbolic gesture of invitation to the honored spirits. The altar, adorned with the feast, becomes a nexus where the seen and unseen commune. The aromas that waft through the kitchen carry not only the promise of gastronomic delights but also the subtle energies of ancestral connection.
  • Activities Beyond the Kitchen – For those honoring living individuals, Mother’s Night extends its arms beyond the kitchen. Activities that mirror the spirits of those being celebrated are encouraged, creating a holistic celebration of connection and appreciation. The celebration is not confined to the culinary arts; it expands to embrace shared activities that weave moments of joy and togetherness.
  • Heartfelt Letters and Expressions – In the glow of candlelight and the warmth of shared spaces, practitioners may choose to express their gratitude through heartfelt letters. The written word, a vessel of emotions, becomes a bridge that spans the realms of the mundane and the sacred. Each word penned is a brushstroke, painting a portrait of appreciation and love.
  • Shared Activities and Quality Time – Mother’s Night becomes a canvas for shared activities that resonate with the spirits being celebrated. Whether it’s a shared craft, a favorite pastime, or a simple moment of shared laughter, these activities transcend the ordinary and become threads woven into the fabric of familial and spiritual bonds.
  • Expressing Gratitude – Simple yet profound, expressions of gratitude take center stage on Mother’s Night. A heartfelt message, a whispered thank you, or a shared moment of reflection becomes a ritual. In these expressions, the practitioner acknowledges the profound impact of feminine energies in their life’s journey.

As Mother’s Night unfolds, the kitchen becomes a cauldron of alchemical magic, and shared activities become rituals of connection. The practitioner, guided by the spirits of those being honored, weaves a tapestry of love, gratitude, and ancestral reverence. Mother’s Night is not merely an eve of culinary delights; it is a celebration of the feminine energies that shape and nurture the intricate threads of life’s journey.

Honoring Frigg’s Handmaidens

As Mother’s Night draws to a close, a profound shift occurs—a transition from feasting on earthly delights to communing with the divine. The sacred space, already laden with the energy of honored females, expands to embrace Frigg and her 12 mysterious handmaidens. This is a moment of divination, a dance with the unknown, as the names of the handmaidens are inscribed on separate pieces of paper, ready to reveal the guiding principles for the year ahead.

Divination Ritual

The culmination of Mother’s Night sets the stage for an intriguing divination ritual. Each person present partakes in the mystery by randomly drawing a piece of paper bearing the name of one of Frigg’s handmaidens. The air is charged with anticipation, and as each participant unveils their chosen handmaiden, a unique connection with a divine guide is established.

These handmaidens, each with their distinct essence, bring forth guiding principles that practitioners are encouraged to embrace in the coming year. The mysteries associated with each handmaiden serve as beacons, illuminating the path of spiritual growth, self-discovery, and manifestation.

Here are examples of the focused areas for each handmaiden:

  • Eir – Healing and Self-Healing: Focus on herbalism and caring for the health of others.
  • Sága – Embracing History and Ancestry: Dive into the realms of history, storytelling, writing, and the study of ancestry.
  • Fulla – Wealth and Abundance: Direct attention to wealth, abundance, and the careful management of resources.
  • Gná – Good Communication and Spiritual Messengership: Practice good communication, listen for messages, and become a messenger for spiritual forces.
  • Lofn – Tolerance, Compassion, and Aid: Cultivate tolerance, compassion, and aid to misunderstood groups or individuals.
  • Syn – Protection and Caution: Engage in protection, both spiritual and physical, and practice caution in endeavors.
  • Vár – Honoring Oaths and Promises: Honor oaths and promises, ensuring they are made and kept with sincerity.
  • Snotra – Gracious Hosting and Diplomacy: Cultivate gracious hosting, hospitality, good etiquette, and diplomacy.
  • Gefjon – Giving and Receiving: Focus on giving and receiving, embodying generosity, gratitude, and acceptance.
  • Sjöfn – Exploring Love and Affection: Delve into the realms of love, affection, appreciation for partners, and opening oneself to love.
  • Hlín – Providing Refuge and Support: Provide refuge, stand up for others, be a safe shoulder to lean on, and know when to seek help.
  • Vör – Foresight and Intuition: Develop foresight, pay attention to omens, practice divination, and trust instincts.

As the mysteries of Frigg’s handmaidens are unveiled, an enchanted year unfolds for each practitioner. These guiding principles, intertwined with divine energies, become the compass that steers them through the cosmic dance of life, fostering growth, wisdom, and a deepened connection with the divine feminine.

A Night of Mystic Communion

In the hushed embrace of Mother’s Night, the veil between the mortal realm and the ethereal worlds thins, inviting us to partake in a night of mystic communion. This sacred eve, serving as the gateway to the grandeur of Yule, transcends the ordinary and unfolds as a luminous tapestry woven with threads of love, gratitude, and the promise of divine guidance from the sacred feminine.

  • Feasts of Love and Connection – The festivities commence with feasts that extend beyond the material nourishment of the body. The kitchen, historically the heart of the home and the realm of the feminine, becomes a cauldron where love is stirred into every dish. As pots simmer and ovens warm, the air is saturated with the aroma of cherished recipes, invoking memories of shared moments and the wisdom passed down through generations.
  • Altars Adorned with Love – Altars, those sacred portals to the divine, become adorned with symbols of love and reverence. The Disir, those guardians of fate and fertility, find their place in this sacred space. Candles flicker, casting a soft glow on images and items that represent the feminine spirits of lineage and love. The altar becomes a nexus, a place where the mortal and the divine meet in a dance of mutual recognition and honor.
  • Divinatory Rituals and Unveiling Mysteries – As the night deepens, divinatory rituals unfold, echoing the age-old practices of seeking guidance from the unseen realms. The mysteries of Frigg and her handmaidens take center stage. Names inscribed on paper become vessels of insight, unlocking the guiding principles for the year ahead. Each draw is a moment of communion with the divine, an exchange of energies that shapes the practitioner’s path.

The tapestry of Mother’s Night is woven with threads of gratitude and love, binding the present to the past and the future. As practitioners honor the feminine energies—those who walk among us and those who have passed into the realms beyond—they embark on a journey of remembrance, celebration, and the acknowledgment of the profound role played by the feminine in the tapestry of life.

The Promise of Divine Guidance

In this enchanted night, the promise of divine guidance unfolds. The feminine energies, embodiments of protection, love, and ancestral wisdom, extend their blessings. As the practitioner’s rest, the whispers of the divine feminine echo in their dreams, offering glimpses of the path ahead and illuminating the cosmic dance in which they are entwined.

As Mother’s Night unfolds, a tapestry of mystic communion is laid out—each thread a connection to the divine, each moment a step on a sacred journey. The promise of guidance, the warmth of shared feasts, and the glow of altars filled with love become the guiding lights that will accompany the practitioners through the 12 days of Yule and beyond, marking the beginning of a new cycle in the dance of life.


A Tapestry of Love and Legacy Unveiled

In the quiet embrace of Mother’s Night, we witness the unveiling of a tapestry woven with love and legacy. As the feasts settle and altars glow with the essence of the divine feminine, we find ourselves standing at the threshold of a sacred journey through the 12 days of Yule. The rituals of this night, from honoring the Disir to divining the mysteries of Frigg’s handmaidens, echo through the corridors of time, connecting us to the ancient wisdom of our lineage. In the warmth of shared meals and the flicker of candlelight, we commune with feminine energies, both present and ancestral. As we drift into dreams, the promise of guidance lingers, a whisper from the divine feminine, guiding us through the cosmic dance of life. Mother’s Night, with its mystical communion, becomes not just a celebration but a testament to the enduring power of love, the legacy of the feminine, and the eternal dance in which we are all participants.


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