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Dec 25th – The 6th Day of Yule

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Embracing Light and Hope – Yuletide Harmony: Home Protection and Hope with Balder and Nanna

The sixth day of Yule beckons us to cleanse our homes and welcome the resurgence of light. On this day, we pay homage to Balder, Odin’s son of resurrection, and Nanna, his devoted wife. It’s a celebration of the sun’s life force embodied in Balder, who undergoes a symbolic death in winter, only to be reborn with the promise of summer.

Balder & Nanna: Radiant Deities of Joy

In the intricate tapestry of Yule, Balder and Nanna emerge as radiant figures, embodying the essence of the season. Balder, often hailed as the Norse god of goodness and joy, assumes a central role during Yule festivities. His significance lies in representing the life force of the sun, a force that wanes in the winter months only to be reborn with the promise of warmer days.

Balder’s Connection to Yule

Balder’s presence during Yule encapsulates the celebration of all that is good and joyous in the world. His association with positivity makes him a fitting deity to invoke during this season of merriment. As the god linked to the life force of the sun, Balder’s role is particularly poignant during the darkest days of winter. His symbolic death and eventual rebirth mirror the cyclical nature of the seasons, offering hope for renewal.

Nanna’s Role in Yule

Nanna, as Balder’s devoted wife, brings an aura of joy and peace to Yule celebrations. Her presence complements Balder’s radiance, creating a harmonious balance associated with the festive spirit. With ties to the moon, Nanna’s influence during Yule aligns with the celestial rhythms. Her association with the moon adds an ethereal quality to the season, connecting the festivities to the cosmic dance of celestial bodies.

Tragedy and Mistletoe

The tragic tale of Balder’s demise through a mistletoe-tipped dart, manipulated by Loki, adds a layer of depth to Yule. The mistletoe, having eluded the oath to never harm Balder, becomes a poignant symbol of both tragedy and the enduring strength of light. Mistletoe’s solar associations further enhanced its significance during Yule. As a plant with ties to Balder, its presence in rituals and decorations becomes a nod to the enduring solar energy that is integral to the season.

In essence, Balder and Nanna symbolize the duality inherent in Yule – the acknowledgment of the seasonal darkness and the unwavering hope for the return of light. As we honor these radiant deities during the festivities, their stories intertwine with the broader narrative of Yule, infusing it with layers of meaning, joy, and the promise of renewal.


Recipe: Sunlight Infusion Cake

Making Sunlight Infusion Cake
A citrus cake that serves as a beacon of hope and warmth during the winter season. It’s infused with orange, lemon zest, and juice.

Honoring Balder & Nanna: Illuminating Joy and Protection

In the luminous embrace of Yule, honoring Balder and Nanna involves creating a sacred space that reflects their radiant essence. Light holds profound symbolism during Yule, representing the triumph of light over darkness. Dedicate candles to Balder and Nanna, placing them strategically throughout your home. Mistletoe, intimately tied to Balder’s story, becomes a potent symbol of happiness and protection. Bless sprigs of mistletoe with intentions of joy and safeguarding. Strategically hang the mistletoe in key areas of your home, especially near doorways and windows. This placement is not only decorative but also serves as a ward against malevolent energies, ensuring a protective barrier that welcomes only positive forces. Elevate the ritual by decorating the candles dedicated to Balder and Nanna. Consider carving symbols, runes, or images that resonate with these deities onto the candles. This personalized touch deepens the connection and adds a layer of intention to the illumination. Some heartfelt ways to pay homage to these deities during the festive season are candlelit devotion, mistletoe blessings, and candle decorating.

Personalized Expression

Whether you choose ribbons in hues that mirror the glow of candlelight or glitter that sparkles like the promise of dawn, let your heart guide your decorative choices. The mistletoe, now transformed with your creative essence, becomes a personalized talisman, an embodiment of your unique relationship with the divine.

Candlelit Devotion: A Luminous Invocation of Balder & Nanna

Light, as a symbol of transcendence and hope, takes center stage during Yule, a season that venerates the return of light after the deepest darkness. In the essence of Balder and Nanna, the flickering flame becomes more than just illumination; it transforms into a sacred conduit for divine presence and blessings.

Candle Symbolism: Illuminating the Divine

Candles, in their simplicity, embody profound symbolism. As you dedicate these luminous vessels to Balder and Nanna, you are acknowledging the triumph of light over darkness, mirroring the cosmic dance of day and night. Strategically placing these candles throughout your home transforms each one into a beacon—a symbolic representation of the radiant deities’ divine influence.

Invocation Ritual: Words that Illuminate the Soul

The act of lighting candles becomes a ceremonial gateway to connect with the divine energies of Balder and Nanna. In the soft glow, engage in an invocation ritual that transcends the physical realm and resonates with the spiritual. Speak words that echo your intentions, calling upon the deities to bless your space with joy, positivity, and the promise of renewed light.

Sample Invocation:

“Balder, radiant god of goodness and joy,

Nanna, serene goddess of peace and light,

In this sacred dance of flame and shadow,

I invoke your divine presence into my home.

As I light this candle,

may its glow symbolize the triumph of light over darkness,

of joy over sorrow, and of hope over despair.

Infuse this space with your luminous blessings,

filling every corner with warmth and divine grace.

In your sacred names,

I welcome the promise of renewed light and joyous abundance.

May the flickering flames be a testament to the eternal dance of cosmic forces.

So mote it be.”

Sensory Connection: Feeling the Divine Energy

As you utter these words, feel the resonance within. Close your eyes and allow the warmth of the candlelight to wash over you, transcending the physical realm and connecting with the ethereal. Envision the divine energy of Balder and Nanna filling your home, bringing with it an aura of joy, positivity, and the anticipation of brighter days.

In this ritual of candlelit devotion, you are not merely illuminating physical space but creating a sacred sanctuary where the divine and the earthly harmonize—a luminous tapestry woven with the threads of celestial blessings.

Mistletoe Blessings: Anointing Sprigs with Joy and Protection

As mistletoe intertwines with the poignant tale of Balder’s fate, it metamorphoses into a powerful emblem not only of tragedy but also of joy and protective energy. Embrace the sacredness of mistletoe by infusing it with your intentions, turning each sprig into a conduit for happiness and a guardian against malevolent forces.

Sprigs of Happiness

Mistletoe, often associated with the unexpected and tragic demise of Balder, paradoxically holds within its leaves the essence of joy and protection. In this Yuletide ritual, take sprigs of mistletoe and, with focused intent, bless them with the radiant energy of Balder and the serene protection of Nanna. Visualize the mistletoe becoming a beacon of happiness, scattering its protective blessings throughout your home.

Chant of Blessing:

In Balder’s name,

I bless thee, mistletoe,

Infuse joy into every leaf, let it grow.

Nanna’s protection, a shield so divine,

Guard my space, let negativity decline.

Decorative Touches

The act of embellishing mistletoe becomes a creative expression, a personal touch that weaves your energy into the sacred narrative. Adorn the mistletoe with ribbons, glitter, or any embellishments that resonate with you. Each touch becomes a symbol, a visual representation of your connection with Balder and Nanna.

Closing Meditation

Hold the mistletoe gently in your hands, feeling the energy you’ve infused into it. Close your eyes and envision Balder’s radiant smile and Nanna’s calming presence enveloping the mistletoe. Sense the joy and protection emanating from it. As you hang it in your home, know that it stands not just as a symbol but as a living testament to your connection with the divine energies of Yule.

In the dance of mistletoe and magic, you become the weaver of joy and the guardian of your sacred space.

Strategic Placement: Crafting a Shield of Joy and Protection

In the artful dance of Yuletide energies, the strategic placement of mistletoe becomes a ritual of warding and intention, weaving a shield of joy and protection throughout your sacred space.

Warding Ritual

As you embark on this sacred act, envision your home as a sanctuary, a haven of positivity and light. Begin by strategically hanging the mistletoe in key areas, paying special attention to doorways and windows. These entry points, both physical and metaphysical, serve as portals through which energies flow. The mistletoe, adorned with your blessings, transforms into a living ward, repelling malevolent forces and ensuring that only benevolent energies find their way into your abode.

Symbolic Intent

Each placement of mistletoe carries a symbolic weight, a representation of the divine energies invoked through Balder and Nanna. As you pass beneath or near these strategically positioned sprigs, let it be a conscious act—a moment of connection with the joyous essence of Balder and the protective embrace of Nanna. In this symbolic dance, you infuse your surroundings with a sense of security, transforming your home into a sacred space where only positive forces are welcomed.

Visualization Exercise

Stand in the center of your home, mistletoe in hand, and close your eyes. Envision a radiant shield emanating from each mistletoe sprig, forming an interconnected web of protection. See this shield growing in strength with every passing moment, a luminous force that repels negativity and invites joy. As you move through your home, visualize this shield expanding, creating a harmonious and safeguarded environment.


“Beneath the mistletoe’s blessed embrace,

Joy and protection fill this sacred space.

Balder’s light and Nanna’s grace,

Weave a shield in every corner and place.”

With each strategic placement, you affirm the sacredness of your dwelling, allowing the mistletoe to stand not just as a decoration but as a guardian—a tangible reminder of the divine energies that dance within your home.

Candle Decorating Ritual: Crafting Luminous Symbols of Devotion

In the delicate dance of Yule’s energies, the candle decorating ritual transforms into a canvas for personalized expression, a sacred act that elevates the luminosity dedicated to Balder and Nanna.

Personalized Expression

As you embark on this ritual, let your creativity flow like a gentle stream, infusing each candle with symbols, runes, or images that resonate with the radiant spirits of Balder and Nanna. This personalized touch is more than mere decoration; it becomes a language of devotion, a visual poetry that speaks to the divine, creating a unique tapestry of connection.

Carving Symbols and Runes

Consider the ancient language of symbols and runes, each carrying a nuanced energy that aligns with the essence of Balder and Nanna. Carve these sacred marks onto the candles, allowing the flickering flames to dance with the timeless wisdom embedded in each stroke. As you engage in this act, you’re not just adorning wax; you’re inscribing a story—a narrative of your relationship with these luminous deities.

Images of Radiance

If words fail to capture the depth of your emotions, consider adorning the candles with images that embody the radiance of Balder and the serenity of Nanna. Whether it’s an artistic rendering or a simple depiction, let these images become visual vessels, carrying your intentions and devotion into the luminous dance of Yule.

Visualization Exercise

As you light these adorned candles, close your eyes and envision the symbols coming to life, radiating their energies into the space. See the room bathed in a soft glow, the carved symbols flickering with ancient wisdom. With each passing moment, sense the divine presence of Balder and Nanna growing stronger, their luminous essence intertwining with the flames.


“Symbols carved, a sacred art,

Candles aglow, a brand-new start.

Balder’s joy and Nanna’s grace,

Illuminate this sacred space.”

In this ritual of personalized expression, the candles cease to be mere objects; they become vessels of devotion, carrying the essence of Balder and Nanna into the very fabric of your home. May the dance of symbols and flames weave a tapestry of divine energies, enveloping you in the warmth of Yule’s celestial embrace.

Protecting the Home: A Tapestry of Renewal and Safeguarding

As the sixth day of Yule unfolds, the energies align to weave a tapestry of renewal and safeguarding within the sanctuary of your home. Embark on a journey of crafting protection baubles, enchanting glass, or plastic ornaments with the essence of Yule’s protective elements. Elevate the protection ritual by installing witch bells on pivotal doorways, especially those ushering in and out the energies of your home. Tap into the ancient artistry of runic symbolism with Yule Log Ash. This sacred substance, infused with the essence of Yule’s transformative fires, becomes the ink for inscribing protective runes on your doorways.

Protection Baubles: Crafting a Shield of Positivity

Step into the enchanting realm of Yule craftsmanship as you embark on the creation of Protection Baubles—ethereal guardians that will stand watch over the sacred spaces of your home.

Crafting the Vessels

Begin your journey by selecting glass or plastic ornaments, blank canvases ready to be infused with the essence of Yule’s protective elements. These vessels, waiting to be transformed, symbolize the purity of your intention and the potential to encapsulate the magic of the season.

Infusing Yule’s Essence

In this alchemical process, gather the sacred ingredients that will compose the protective elixir within each bauble. Aromatic cinnamon sticks, redolent with warmth and positive energy, intertwine with fragrant pine, a symbol of resilience and evergreen strength. Slices of dried orange and apple, infused with the essence of the sun and earth, become the final strokes, completing the trinity of protective elements.

Deliberate Hanging

Once the baubles cradle the potent fusion of Yule’s essence, hang them deliberately on the Yule Tree—a central nexus of festive energies. As each bauble finds its place, visualize a network of protection weaving through the boughs, creating a shield that resonates with the harmonious frequencies of the season. The Yule Tree, adorned with these guardians, becomes a focal point, radiating protective energies throughout the home.

Strategic Scattering

Extend the reach of your protective enchantment by strategically scattering the baubles around the house. Each placement is intentional, creating a barrier that transcends physical boundaries. As you position them near doorways, windows, and other points of entry, envision a celestial grid forming—a web of positive energy that repels negativity and welcomes only the benevolent forces of the season.

Animating the Guardians

As the Yule season unfolds, observe how each bauble, suspended from its chosen perch, sways gently in response to the ambient energies. In this dance, the baubles come alive, becoming more than mere decorations—they transform into guardians, sentinels attuned to the festive energies that course through your home. Their subtle movements signal their readiness to stand guard over the sanctity of your space.

In the crafting of Protection Baubles, you partake in a magical act, infusing everyday objects with the extraordinary energies of Yule. These sentinels, guardians of positive vibrations, contribute to the creation of a haven where the festive magic thrives, and the spirit of protection becomes an integral part of the season’s tapestry.

Witch Bells: Harmonizing with Cleansing Chimes

In the orchestration of Yule’s protective rites, the installation of Witch Bells emerges as a harmonious enchantment, weaving a symphony of cleansing chimes throughout the sacred thresholds of your abode.

Choosing Doorways

Begin this bewitching ritual by selecting pivotal doorways—portals through which the energies of your home ebb and flow. Focus on entrances and exits, identifying the points where the outside world meets the sanctity of your dwelling. These doorways, symbolic gateways, will serve as the canvas upon which your protective melody unfolds.

Installing the Bells

Choose witch bells that resonate with the spirit of Yule. These can be simple and elegant or adorned with symbols that hold personal significance. Affix them to the door frame, ensuring they dangle freely, ready to embrace the movements of those who pass through. As the bells find their place, envision them as more than mere ornaments—they are guardians of sound, poised to cleanse and protect.

Melodious Cleansing

With every entry and exit, the melodious chimes of the witch bells create a symphony of cleansing. The sound, delicate yet potent, reverberates through the air, dispelling negativity and forming a protective shield. Picture the chimes as magical incantations, their vibrations resonating with the festive energies of Yule. As each note dances in the air, it becomes a beacon of positivity, transforming your home into an oasis of harmonious vibrations.

Repelling Malevolence

The enchanting sound of the bells becomes a powerful force, repelling malevolent influences that may linger. Like a barrier of sound waves, the harmonizing tones create a protective cocoon around your home. It’s a magical invitation, signaling to benevolent forces that they are welcome, while discouraging anything less than positive from crossing the threshold.

A Shield of Positivity

As the witch bells continue their magical cadence, your home becomes a sanctuary—an enclave of positive vibrations. The symphony of chimes becomes an integral part of the festive tapestry, harmonizing with the energies of Yule. With each gentle ring, the witch bells affirm the protective nature of the season, creating a shield that resonates with the joyous spirit of Yule.

In the delicate dance of sound, Witch Bells become not just protectors but enchanting companions, guiding you through the festive season with a melody that cleanses, shields, and resonates with the magic of Yule.

Yule Log Ash Runes: Inscribing Symbols of Defense

In the sacred dance of Yule’s transformative fires, Yule Log Ash emerges as a canvas for the ancient artistry of runic symbolism. Within its fine particles lies the essence of Yule’s flickering flames, ready to become the ink with which you inscribe symbols of defense upon your doorways.

Gathering Yule Log Ash

Commence this mystical endeavor by collecting the ash from your Yule log. This log, a witness to the dance of Yule’s flames, now offers its essence for a purpose beyond the hearth. The ash, carrying the energy of the season, becomes a sacred substance—a conduit between the earthly and ethereal realms.

Choosing Protective Runes

Dive into the rich tapestry of runic symbolism. Choose runes that resonate with the energy of protection, creating a symbolic language that transcends the mundane. Consider Algiz () for divine protection, Thurisaz (ᚦ) for warding off malevolence, or Eihwaz (ᛇ) for stability and defense. Each rune is a key to a specific aspect of safeguarding.

Inscription Ritual

With Yule Log Ash in hand and runes selected, embark on the ritual of inscription. As you carve each symbol onto your doorways, infuse the act with intention. Visualize the runes not merely as marks on wood but as silent guardians, awakening with each stroke. Envision them coming to life, their energy forming an invisible yet potent shield against negativity.

Symbolic Defense

The runes etched in Yule Log Ash become more than symbols; they are declarations of defense, asserting the sacred nature of your home. As you work, imagine the protective energy of each rune weaving into the fabric of your dwelling, creating an intangible yet powerful barrier. This symbolic defense marks your space as a haven, a place where Yule’s magic lingers long after the flames have subsided.

Warding off Negativity

With every stroke of the inscribing tool, visualize the runes repelling negativity, much like a ward that guards against unwelcome energies. The symbolic language of the runes communicates with the unseen forces, sending a message that your home is a sanctuary protected by the ancient wisdom of Yule.

As you complete the ritual, step back and behold the silent proclamation your doorways now bear—a language of defense written in the sacred ash of Yule. The runes stand as guardians, ready to ward off any energy that does not align with the festive spirit of Yule. In their silent presence, they affirm that your home is a sacred space, embraced and protected by the timeless magic of the season.

Visualization and Intention

As you engage in these protective rituals, let each action be infused with intention. Visualize the baubles radiating a shimmering shield, the witch bells chiming away impurities, and the runic symbols on doorways standing as ancient sentinels. With each gesture, affirm that your home is a haven of positive energy, a sanctuary where the festive magic of Yule thrives, unwavering and resilient.

In this intricate dance of protection, your home transforms into a bastion of harmonious energies. May the crafted baubles, chiming bells, and runic symbols stand as guardians, ensuring that the sanctity of Yule permeates every corner, dispelling darkness and inviting the radiant light of renewal.

Letting in Hope: Illuminating the Darkness

In the heart of winter’s embrace, the sixth day of Yule beckons us to illuminate the darkness, both metaphorically and literally. Candles, those humble vessels of light, become the focal point of this day—a dual celebration in honor of Balder and Nanna and a symbolic gesture of kindling hope during winter’s depths.

Candles as Homage

As you light each candle, envision the flame as a tiny sun, a tribute to Balder, the Norse god associated with the life force of the sun. Feel the warmth and brightness fill your space, echoing the devotion to Balder and Nanna. In the gentle dance of the flames, perceive the promise of longer, brighter days—a testament to the cyclical nature of life and the ever-turning wheel of the seasons.

Take a moment to cherish the flickering flames. Each dance is a poetic ode to the resilience of light in the face of darkness. The flames, like the spirit of Yule, persist despite the longest night, offering a tangible reminder that even in the bleakest moments, there exists a spark of hope waiting to be kindled.

Beyond their illuminating role, candles become symbols of hope. They represent the undying flame within us that refuses to be extinguished, even in the coldest of times. Acknowledge the symbolic journey from the shortest day to the gradual lengthening of sunlight—a journey mirrored in the flickering glow of the candles.

Candle Decorations as Intention

Elevate the act of candle lighting by adding intentional decorations. Safely embellish your candles with herbs, spices, oils, or carefully carved symbols. Each adornment is a whispered intention, infusing the flames with specific qualities—hope, positivity, resilience. Consider the act of decoration as a form of spellwork, where every element contributes to the magical ambiance of your Yuletide celebration.

Experiment with various herbs and spices that carry meanings of hope and warmth. Cinnamon for abundance, bay leaves for protection, or frankincense for spiritual elevation are excellent choices. Anoint the candles with oils that resonate with the energy of Yule, such as cedarwood for grounding or orange for joy.

Carve symbols or words onto the candles, expressing your unique connection with the spirit of hope. Whether it’s ancient runes, meaningful words, or personal symbols, each carving becomes a signature of your intentions. In this act of personal expression, you contribute to the collective energy of hope that permeates the Yuletide season.

As the candles burn and their fragrant smoke mingles with the air, envision a tapestry of hope unfolding in your space. The intentional act of lighting and decorating becomes a magical ritual—a bridge between the mundane and the sacred, a tangible manifestation of the enduring hope that defines the spirit of Yule.

Embracing the Glow of Yule’s Promise

As we adorn our homes with symbols of protection, fill the air with the chiming of bells, and let the warm glow of candles guide us through the winter night, we find ourselves immersed in the profound tapestry of Yule’s magic. In each bauble, in every ring of the bell, and through the dance of candlelight, we pay homage to the resilience of light—a symbol that echoes the promise of renewal that the Yule season unfurls before us. As the protective energies weave around us, may the essence of hope linger in our hearts, creating a haven where the spirit of Yule illuminates even the darkest corners. In this symphony of traditions, we stand united, celebrating the enduring light that transcends the longest night, welcoming the dawn of a new, brighter season.


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