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Dec 25th – The 6th Day of Yule

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Protecting the Home, Letting in Hope, Balder and Nanna

The sixth day of Yule is about cleansing the home and remembering to let the light back in. We celebrate the sun in the form of Balder & Nanna, the resurrecting son, and the devoted wife. This is a great day for home protection, adorning the doorways with the Yule Log Ash in runic symbolism. Creating Witch Baubles and Bells for the windows and doorways, garlands of dried orange and apple slices, allspice, and star anise. Light candles throughout the day, cherish the light of the flame, let it fill you with the hope of the warmer sunny days to come.


Balder, Odin’s dying and resurrecting son, and his wife Nanna should be honored. Balder is the Norse god of almost all that is good. He is associated with everything that is beautiful and joyous in the world. Nanna is a goddess associated with joy, peace, and the moon as well as Balder’s wife. Balder is honored as a deity that embodies the life-force of the sun which “dies” at the beginning of winter and is reborn with the coming of summer.

According to Snorri Sturluson, Balder was killed by a dart of mistletoe which Loki tricked Balder’s blind brother Hodr into throwing at him. It was the only thing in creation which had not been asked to swear an oath never to harm Balder. Mistletoe is a plant associated with Balder, as well as being a plant that is thought to have solar associations.

Honoring Balder & Nanna

Light candles in your house in honor of Balder and Nanna, requesting them to fill your home with light and hope. Bless springs of mistletoe with prayers of happiness and protection for the home, and decorate them with ribbons, glitter, or whatever strikes your fancy. Hang the mistletoe in your home to ward away ill-wishing spirits and bring good luck.

Protecting the Home

This day is to renew your protections, inside the home. Create Protection Baubles to hang on the Yule Tree and around the house. Glass or plastic baubles work great, fill them with Yule such as cinnamon sticks, pine, dried orange, apple, etc. Hang up witch bells on the doors entering and exiting your home. Anytime a person comes or goes, the bells will ring and cleanse the door from ill-wishing spirits. This is the time when people will use some Yule Log Ash to scribe runes of protection on the doorways.

Letting in Hope

Lighting candles throughout your home is as much an honoring for Balder and Nanna as it is for reminding our souls of hope. It’s important to cherish this small fire that is a part of the Sun that rises stronger and lasts longer each passing day now. Decorating your candles, safely, with herbs and spices, oils, or carvings is best.


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Cheryl Abaray
Cheryl Abaray
1 year ago

Merry Yule, love and light to all!