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Dec 22nd – The 3rd Day of Yule

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Father’s Night, the Alfar, Freyr and his boar

The third day of Yule celebrates Father’s Night. A time in which we honor the Alfar and Freyr with his boar. This time was best known for making oaths sworn on the Boar’s back, upheld by Freyr himself. This is also a good time to practice Hygge, taking some time to relax and enjoy the winter landscape building up. It’s impressive how nature shifts every season, go out and experience it.

Father’s Night

This evening is to honor the male spirits that protect us. Similar too Mother’s Night, on Father’s we honor the males in our lives, past or present that support and protect us. The term father is not only the male that makes up half your DNA, but also any male in your life that guides, protects, supports, and cares for you.


The Alfar are male ancestors and powerful nature spirits. To honor your male ancestors tonight, bring out their pictures and make them an altar just as you did on Mother’s Night. Creating space on your altar for the Alfar or adding to your Disir altar to bridge the male and female ancestors.

FREYR AND HIS BOAR (Gullinborsti)

The third day of Yule is also to honor Freyr, and his boar named Gullinborsti. Freyr is a god in Norse mythology, associated with sacral kingship, fertility, peace, prosperity, and virility, with sunshine and fair weather, and with good harvest. He is the master of sworn oaths, and on this day of Yule he will oversee all oaths made and see them honored. In the past oaths were sworn on the bristles of Gullinborsti.

Feast of Swine

Swine for DINNER! This is the best night for a ham dinner. To honor Freyr and his sacred bar, in the old day’s oaths would have been made upon the boar. This is considered one of the origins of New Year’s resolutions. Over dinner is the perfect time to toast to the accomplishments of those around the table. Toast the victories of those present and share those things you want to accomplish so that you can help support one another in the days to come.


After days of devoted work and lots of activity, on the third day of Yule, rest. Time to get the family together and snuggle in, making time to enjoy each other’s company and relax. Some activities could be watching holiday movies, listening to holiday music, taking naps, reading, working on crafts, and/or eating favorite snack food. In Dane they would call this activity Hygge!


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8 months ago

Let us honour, this Father’s Night, the males in our lives that guide, protect, support, and care for us.

Jenni Epperly
Jenni Epperly
1 year ago

What wonderful tradition of the Alfar