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Dec 21st – The 2nd Day of Yule

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Embracing the Longest Night

On December 21st, the second day of Yule, the world hails the Winter Solstice, a celestial spectacle marking both the lengthening of days and the return of the sun. As practitioners, we stand on the threshold of death and rebirth, witnessing the Old Sun bid farewell at dusk and the New Year’s Sun emerge at dawn, framing the longest night of the year. It’s a time of cosmic renewal, echoed in the age-old tale of Sunna and Mani, siblings born of gods and transformed into the Sun and Moon. The eternal chase between brother and sister, with the pups of Fenrir joining the cosmic pursuit, becomes the dance that shapes the length of our days and nights.

The Cosmic Ballet: Sunna and Mani

In the realm where divine and mortal threads intertwine, there emerged two celestial siblings, born of gods and destined for an eternal dance across the canvas of the heavens. Sunna, the radiant sister, and Mani, the gentle brother, embarked on a cosmic ballet that would weave through the tapestry of day and night, light and darkness.

In the primordial embrace of cosmic energies, a union between divine forces and mortal essence gave rise to the birth of Sunna and Mani. Their origins were shrouded in mystery, a divine secret whispered across the astral realms.

As the siblings matured, they assumed celestial roles that would shape the very fabric of the universe. Sunna, with her golden chariot ablaze with the fire of creation, became the harbinger of daylight. Mounted upon a celestial steed, she rode across the sky, casting her benevolent light upon the realms below.

Mani, the tender brother, was entrusted with the silvery chariot of the moon. In the gentle glow of moonlight, he journeyed through the night, providing solace and guiding nocturnal wanderers. The moonlit trails he left painted the firmament with a soft luminescence, marking the passage of time.

Yet, it was not a solitary journey across the cosmic expanse for Sunna and Mani. Bound by an eternal bond and a celestial decree, the siblings engaged in a perpetual chase. Mani, enchanted by his sister’s radiance, pursued her chariot, creating the dance of day turning into night and night into day.

Adding to the cosmic drama were the playful pups of Fenrir, the mighty wolf of Norse lore. These celestial wolves joined the chase, their exuberance causing the siblings to quicken and slow their pace, influencing the length of days and nights.

Thus, the celestial siblings orchestrated a majestic dance, a ballet where Sunna’s brilliance heralded the day’s awakening, and Mani’s gentle glow soothed the world to rest at night. The dance of day and night became a cosmic symphony, echoing through the cosmos and influencing the ebb and flow of time.

On the eve of the Winter Solstice, a moment of profound significance, Sunna completed her celestial journey for the year, bidding adieu as her chariot dipped below the horizon. It marked the death of the Old Sun, promising the birth of the Sun of the New Year at dawn.

In this eternal ballet, Sunna and Mani, guided by the forces of fate and the whimsy of Fenrir’s pups, continue their cosmic journey. The celestial siblings, with their radiant chariots and moonlit trails, remind us of the intricate dance that shapes the cycles of our world—a dance that began in the embrace of divine origins and unfolds eternally across the cosmic stage.

Expanded Reading

Sunna and Mani

Sunna and Mani
The story of Sunna and Mani is one of siblings born of the gods to mortals. Sister Sunna and brother Mani become the Sun and Moon, riding chariots across the sky. Mani forever chasing his sister, Sunna.


Recipe: Enchanting Yule Log Cake

Making the Yule Log
The Winter Solstice is a time of rebirth, transformation, and new beginnings. What better way to honor this sacred occasion than with an Enchanting Yule Log Cake?

Honoring Sunna and Mani: A Celestial Ballet

As the dawn unveils the second day of Yule, we engage in a celestial ballet, an intimate ritual of honoring Sunna and Mani. This dance with the radiant siblings unfolds as a symphony of light and shadow, a harmonious interplay of day and night.

Sunna’s Awakening: A Morning Offering

In the serene embrace of the pre-dawn, as the world lies hushed in anticipation, we embark on a ritual that transcends the ordinary—a homage to Sunna’s radiant ascent. The sacred act begins before the first light graces the horizon, as we stand poised to witness the unveiling of the day. A single candle, its flame dancing in the quietude, becomes our beacon, a symbol of strength offered to the celestial sister, Sunna.

In the stillness of this sacred moment, we acknowledge the Sun’s profound symbolism—a cosmic metaphor for rebirth, vitality, and the relentless cycle of life. Our hearts brimming with gratitude, we present offerings that mirror the very essence of Sunna’s warmth. Cider, a libation of simple yet profound joy, symbolizes the effervescence of her rays. Mead, the nectar of ancient traditions, embodies the sweetness of the morning Sun. The golden sparkle of Goldschlager becomes a shimmering tribute to the brilliance of Sunna’s light.

As we offer crisp apples, their freshness reminiscent of the morning dew, and the sweet tang of oranges, we connect with the bountiful energy of the Sun. Fragrant flowers, delicate and ethereal, are laid as tokens of our appreciation, their subtle perfume mingling with the dawn breeze.

Each offering, carefully chosen and tenderly presented, becomes a thread woven into the fabric of our cosmic connection. In this sacred ballet of light and shadow, we stand as witnesses and participants, honoring Sunna’s journey across the sky and the life-giving energy she bestows upon the world. As the candle’s flame flickers in acknowledgment, we commune with the divine, marking the beginning of a new day bathed in the resplendent glow of Sunna’s radiant embrace.

Mani’s Nighttime Embrace: A Twilight Serenade

As the day gracefully yields to the nocturnal enchantment, our focus shifts to Mani, the gentle guardian of the night sky. Under the silvery glow of the moon, we partake in a celestial ballet that continues beyond the fading hues of sunset. The rituals of this twilight serenade are woven with intention and reverence, as we offer our homage to the celestial sibling of Sunna.

In the tranquil hush of the night, we embark on a sensory journey to honor Mani. Jasmine, with its intoxicating scent, takes center stage in this twilight offering. Symbolic of love and divinity, jasmine becomes the fragrant conduit through which our reverence flows. Lotus, revered for its purity and association with enlightenment, adds its ethereal essence to the nocturnal ritual. Almonds, with their earthy richness, join the celestial chorus, grounding the ritual in the earthly embrace.

Crafting Moonlit Elixirs – Tea for Mani:

Under the expansive canvas of stars, we venture into the art of crafting a celestial elixir—a tea infused with the essence of the night. This carefully concocted blend, marrying jasmine, sage, and lavender, becomes a libation for Mani. Jasmine, with its calming and romantic notes, intertwines with the wisdom of sage, evoking the ancient mysteries of the night. Lavender, with its soothing fragrance, adds a touch of serenity to the elixir, creating a potion that mirrors the quietude of moonlit nights.

As the moonlight bathes the world in its silvery glow, we sip this moonlit tea in quiet communion with the celestial realms. Each sip becomes a contemplative journey, a moment of connection with the guardian of the night. The rhythmic symphony of the night sky becomes our backdrop, and in this serene space, we acknowledge the profound influence of Mani on the tapestry of our lives. In this twilight serenade, we embrace the magic of the night, offering our gratitude to Mani, who guides us through the shadows and illuminates the darkness with the gentle radiance of the moon.

Becoming One with the Cosmic Rhythm:

In this celestial ballet, we transcend the boundaries of the earthly realm. With each offering, each flicker of the candle, each sip of the moonlit elixir, we become part of the intricate rhythm of the heavens. The dance with Sunna and Mani is not merely an observance; it is a participation in the cosmic symphony, a harmonious blend of day and night, light and shadow. As we stand at the intersection of dawn and dusk, we find ourselves embraced by the timeless dance of the celestial siblings, a dance that echoes through the vast expanse of the cosmos.

Crafting the Yule Log: A Symbolic Blaze of Renewal

In the tapestry of Yule’s second day, a profound ritual unfolds — the crafting of the Yule log, a symbolic blaze that heralds the enduring fire of the Sun. Rooted in tradition, this log, traditionally hewn from the sturdy embrace of oak, transforms into a vessel of magic and renewal.

Traditional Embrace: Oak and Symbolic Adornments

The Yule log, a manifestation of ancient reverence, finds its form in the stout bark of the oak. A wood with ancestral ties, oak carries echoes of the old ways, connecting us to the sacred groves of our forebears. Adorned with flowers that whisper tales of life’s cyclical nature, pine, a symbol of longevity, and auspicious herbs whose fragrances speak of blessings, the Yule log becomes an altar, a convergence of earthly elements charged with mystical significance.

As twilight settles and the Yule log takes its place, a sacred flame is kindled. In the crackling embers, we find a metaphor for the Sun’s enduring fire. As the flames dance and the log transforms to ash, it is believed that the Sun’s radiance is fortified, hastening her return. This act, both symbolic and potent, aligns our earthly energies with the cosmic dance, becoming a conduit for the magic inherent in the turning of the celestial wheel.

Modern Alchemy: The Yule Log Cake

In the alchemy of modern times, where hearths may differ from those of our ancestors, a new tradition emerges — the Yule log transformed into a culinary creation. Enter the Yule Log Cake, a delectable confection crafted from Swiss roll cake, rich buttercream, and adorned with symbols of the season — holly, leaves, and mushrooms. This culinary metamorphosis preserves the essence of the Yule log in a form that transcends the crackling flames of a hearth, bringing the spirit of renewal to contemporary celebrations.

As slices of the Yule Log Cake are shared, the symbolism embedded in its creation becomes a feast for the soul. Each bite carries the legacy of the Yule log’s enduring fire, a reminder that, even in the darkest of nights, the promise of light and renewal persists. The Yule log, whether ablaze in flames or gracing a festive table as a cake, becomes a timeless emblem, inviting us to partake in the eternal dance of cosmic energies and earthly magic.

A Timeless Tradition: From Celestial Myths to Hearth Delights

In this timeless celebration, we bridge the ancient myths of celestial siblings with the modern joy of Yule Log Cakes. As the Yule log crackles in hearths and the cake graces tables, we weave a tapestry of tradition that spans the ages. From the cosmic dance of Sunna and Mani to the crackling flames of the Yule log, we find ourselves connected to the enduring cycles of the universe. As we revel in the warmth of the fire and the sweetness of the cake, we honor the celestial ballet that heralds the return of the Sun, both in the heavens and in our hearts.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice: A Ritual of Light and Hope

As the world tilts towards the longest night, the Winter Solstice beckons us to partake in a ritual of light and hope. This celestial event, marking the rebirth of the sun, invites us to create a sacred space where the dance of darkness and light becomes a profound and intentional experience.

Preparing the Sacred Space:

Evergreen Adornments – Begin by adorning your sacred space with evergreen branches. Evergreens, symbolizing life and resilience, serve as potent reminders of the cyclical nature of existence. Arrange them in vases or create wreaths to infuse your space with the vibrant energy of nature.

Candlelit Ambiance – Illuminate the sacred space with an array of candles. The soft, flickering light not only symbolizes the returning sun but also serves as a beacon of hope during the winter darkness. Choose candles in hues of gold, white, and red to represent the sun’s vitality.

Welcoming the Returning Sun:

Sun Salutation – Begin your ritual with a sun salutation. Stand facing east, the direction of the sunrise, and extend your arms upward, welcoming the returning sun. Express gratitude for the promise of longer days and the gradual dispelling of darkness.

Gratitude for the Darkness – In this moment of transition, take time to express gratitude for the darkness. Acknowledge the lessons learned in the quiet embrace of winter nights and the inner reflections that have unfolded during this season of stillness.

Setting Intentions for the Coming Light:

Reflective Contemplation – Find a quiet moment for reflective contemplation. Consider the intentions you wish to set for the coming light. What aspects of your life do you want to illuminate? What goals and aspirations will you nurture as the days lengthen?

Candle Charging Ritual – Take a white candle and imbue it with your intentions. Hold the candle in your hands, focus on your aspirations, and visualize them manifesting as the sun’s energy grows. Light the candle, symbolizing the ignition of your intentions.

Closing the Ritual:

Feast of Light – Conclude your ritual with a feast of light. Prepare a meal with foods symbolizing the sun’s warmth—citrus fruits, golden vegetables, and dishes rich in spices. Share this feast with loved ones, celebrating the return of the light.

Communal Connection – If possible, gather with a community or loved ones to share in the energy of the Winter Solstice. Exchange stories, reflections, and hopes for the coming year. The communal connection enhances the potency of the ritual.

As you celebrate the Winter Solstice, let the ritual be a tapestry weaving together the threads of gratitude, reflection, and hope. Embrace the return of the sun as a metaphor for your own inner illumination, and step into the coming days with renewed light and purpose.


As night falls on this enchanting day, whether by the flicker of a hearth’s flames or the soft glow of candles on a Yule log, we are reminded that even in the deepest darkness, there is the promise of light and renewal. The Winter Solstice is an invitation to honor the cosmic dance of celestial siblings, embrace the transformative symbolism of the Yule log, and savor the sweet joy of a Yule Log Cake. It’s a timeless celebration that bridges the ancient myths of the cosmos with the modern delight of hearth and home, connecting us to the enduring cycles of the universe.


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