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Dec 29th – The 10th Day of Yule

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A Glimpse into the New Year with Freyja’s Grace

As the wheel of Yule continues its celestial dance, the tenth day beckons us to peer into the tapestry of the coming year, guided by the graceful presence of Freyja. This mystical eve is dedicated to divination, a sacred communion with the goddess whose essence intertwines with love, magic, and the cyclical rhythms of life.

Freyja: Guiding Light of Yule’s Mystical Tapestry

In the vast tapestry of Norse mythology, Freyja emerges as a captivating figure, her presence interwoven with the diverse threads of existence. As Yule graces the realms with its celestial dance, Freyja’s essence becomes particularly poignant, beckoning seekers to explore the facets of love, magic, and the cyclical rhythms of life.

Freyja is the embodiment of love and beauty, radiating a magnetic allure that captivates both mortals and gods alike. Her domain extends beyond mere romantic love, encompassing the profound beauty that resides in the fleeting moments of existence. During winter’s chill, Freyja’s warmth becomes a beacon, inviting devotees to bask in the glow of affection, appreciation, and the aesthetic richness that surrounds them.

Connected to fertility, Freyja oversees the cycles of birth, growth, and renewal. In the quiet hush of winter, where nature appears dormant, her influence persists. It’s a reminder that beneath the blanket of snow, the seeds of life slumber, ready to awaken with the promise of spring. As Yule marks the rebirth of the sun, Freyja’s energy infuses the season with the potential for growth and the flourishing of life.

Freyja’s association with seidr, the ancient Norse form of magic and divination, takes center stage during Yule. As seidkona, the ‘magic woman,’ she becomes the guide to unraveling the mysteries of the future. In the contemplative moments of the season, seekers turn to divination, invoking Freyja’s wisdom to navigate the unknown paths that the coming year may unveil. In this sacred communion, the veil between the seen and unseen things, allowing glimpses into the cosmic dance of fate.

Freyja’s divine chariot, drawn by majestic cats, adds a touch of mystique to her persona. These feline companions, with their grace and independence, mirror the qualities Freyja holds dear. As Yule unfolds, the image of her chariot traversing the celestial expanse becomes a symbol of guidance, urging devotees to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and spiritual illumination.

In the complex web of Norse mythology, Freyja holds a poignant role as the keeper of fallen warriors. As the Yule season transitions from the longest night towards the lengthening days, her presence becomes a comforting force for those who honor the memories of the departed. In this cycle of life and death, Freyja weaves a narrative that acknowledges the ephemeral nature of existence while celebrating the indomitable spirit that persists beyond the mortal coil.

Divining the Future: A Mystical Dialogue with Freyja

As the tenth day of Yule unfolds, we stand on the threshold of the unknown, poised to engage in a sacred dance with fate. Today, our focus turns to Freyja, the enchanting goddess of love, beauty, and seidr, as we embark on a journey of divination—a profound dialogue with the threads of destiny.

Choosing the Oracle: Personal Paths of Revelation

In the tapestry of divination, Freyja welcomes all seekers to choose their own paths of revelation. The divination method becomes a personal choice, a reflection of the seeker’s affinity with the mystical realms. Some may turn to the ancient wisdom of runes, each symbol echoing with the resonance of ages past. Others might embrace the symbolic language of tarot, its archetypal images weaving tales of the subconscious. Lenormand cards, with their clear and concise messages, offer a straightforward approach to unraveling the threads of destiny.


Recipe: Nordic Winter Salad

Making Nordic Winter Salad
This colorful and festive salad features winter greens, roasted butternut squash, pomegranate, beets, goat cheese, and candied pecans. It’s not only delicious, but also magical!

Recipe: Winter Harvest Stuffed Acorn Squash

Making Festive Yuletide Bread
This dish features acorn squash stuffed with wild rice, Brussels sprouts, cranberries, pecans, and feta cheese. It’s a delicious and magical way to honor Yuletide.

Bleigiessen: A Germanic Tradition of Unveiling Symbolic Shapes

For those drawn to the echoes of Germanic tradition, Bleigiessen takes center stage. Molten metal, once dropped into water, takes on shapes that speak the language of symbolism. In deciphering these forms, we glean insights into the future. It’s a dance with the elements, a collaboration with the divine forces that govern the intricacies of fate.

Candle Magic: Waxen Whispers of the Cosmos

In the flickering glow of candles, we find another avenue for revelation. As the wax melts and reforms, it creates intricate patterns that mirror the movements of the celestial dance. Each curve, each twist becomes a message waiting to be deciphered. The language of the cosmos whispers through the wax, offering glimpses into the veiled tapestry of time.

In this sacred dance with the divine, we seek not just answers but insights and wisdom. Freyja, as the mistress of seidr, guides our hands and hearts as we navigate the ethereal realms. The symbols, shapes, and patterns unveiled in the process become a cosmic language, a poetic dialogue between the seeker and the unseen forces that shape destiny.

Offerings of Delight: A Tapestry of Pleasure in Freyja’s Honor

To honor Freyja is to create a tapestry of delights, a rich tableau that mirrors the multifaceted essence of this captivating goddess. Each offering is a note in the symphony of life, a melody that resonates with the celebration of existence.

Champagne’s Effervescent Kiss: Bubbles of Celebration

At Freyja’s altar, the effervescent allure of champagne becomes a celebration in liquid form. Its bubbles, dancing with the exuberance of life, symbolize the transient and joyful nature of existence. As we pour this golden nectar, we offer a libation of celebration, a toast to the moments of joy that Freyja blesses upon us.

Strawberries: Nature’s Crimson Jewels

The plump, crimson allure of strawberries graces Freyja’s altar, symbolizing the sweetness of love and the vibrancy of life. Each succulent berry becomes a jewel in the offering, a testament to the luscious moments that Freyja invites us to savor. In their sweetness, we find a reflection of the goddess’s grace, a reminder to relish the richness of our earthly sojourn.

Chocolate’s Decadent Embrace: A Sacred Indulgence

As an offering to Freyja, chocolate takes center stage, its velvety richness embodying the indulgence of life’s pleasures. In each decadent bite, we taste the sweetness of existence, acknowledging the divine gift of sensory experience. The cocoa-infused essence becomes a metaphor for the sensual and luxurious aspects of Freyja’s domain.

Amber Incense: Fragrant Whispers of the Divine

The sweet scent of amber incense wafts through the air, a fragrant offering that transcends the material realm. In its aromatic tendrils, we find a connection to the ethereal, an olfactory hymn that speaks to the divine mysteries. The swirling smoke becomes a dance of gratitude, a symbolic gesture acknowledging Freyja’s presence in the sacred space.

Flowers: Petals of Transient Beauty

Adorning Freyja’s altar, flowers stand as symbols of fleeting beauty, capturing the ephemeral nature of life’s blossoms. Their petals, delicate and vibrant, become a metaphor for the transient moments that Freyja holds dear. In their presence, we offer gratitude for the beauty that graces our existence, acknowledging the goddess’s role as a patron of love and aesthetics.

Honey’s Golden Sweetness: Nectar of Life’s Essence

As golden as the sun’s embrace, honey becomes an offering of life’s sweetness. Its golden hues mirror the richness of Freyja’s grace, and its taste embodies the divine nectar of existence. Each drop poured is a symbolic libation, an acknowledgment of the golden threads that weave through the tapestry of our lives.

Acts of Love, Feminine Energy, and Independence: Sacred Offerings

Beyond material offerings, acts of love, expressions of strong feminine energy, and declarations of independence become sacred gifts to Freyja. In these gestures, we embody the essence of the goddess, honoring the profound facets of her being. Each act becomes a prayer, a living offering to the goddess who dances through the realms of love, magic, and the mysteries of life.

As these offerings intertwine, they create a harmonious symphony of pleasure and reverence, a testament to the boundless grace of Freyja. May each delight offered at her altar be a celebration of life’s richness, a hymn to the goddess who guides us through the ever-unfolding tapestry of existence.

Embracing Nature’s Winter Splendor: A Communion with the Season’s Spirit

As the Yule season unfolds, nature undergoes a magical transformation, and on the tenth day of Yule, we turn our gaze to embrace the winter splendor that blankets the world. Whether the ground is adorned in a pristine white quilt of snow, or the landscape dons the muted hues of winter’s palette, venturing into this altered realm becomes a sacred communion with the spirit of the season.

A Winter Wonderland in the Pacific Northwest

In the unique seasonal shift of the Pacific Northwest, the winter landscape unveils its own brand of enchantment. The air carries a crisp chill, and the scent of evergreen mingles with the subtle notes of frost. The muted sunlight creates a soft glow, casting a serene ambiance over the surroundings. It’s a landscape that invites exploration, a canvas painted with the artistry of winter.

Bundle Against the Chill: A Cozy Adventure Awaits

Before stepping into this winter wonderland, we bundle against the chill, donning scarves, hats, gloves, and boots. Each layer becomes a shield against the brisk air, preparing us for the adventure that awaits. In this act of preparation, we acknowledge the practicality of winter while also embracing the coziness that comes from being warmly wrapped in layers.

Snowpersons: Sculpting Magic from Snowflakes

In the Pacific Northwest’s winter embrace, the fluffy snow becomes the raw material for sculpting magic. With playful hearts, we build snowpersons that stand as guardians of the season’s whimsy. Each snowball becomes a testament to the joy of creation, and as we shape our snowy companions, we infuse them with the enchantment of the Yule season.

Snowball Fights: A Dance of Laughter and Frosty Flurries

The transformed landscape becomes a battlefield of joy as snowball fights erupt in laughter and friendly competition. The soft thud of snowballs, the delighted shouts, and the dance of frosty flurries create a symphony of winter merriment. In these moments, we become children of the season, reveling in the simple delight of playful engagement with the winter’s embrace.

Snow Angels: Imprinting Magic on the Earth

As the snow-covered ground beckons, we lie down and create ethereal snow angels, imprinting the earth with the magic of the season. Each movement becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of winter, a sacred dance that leaves behind an impression of fleeting beauty. It’s a moment of connection with the earth, a physical expression of our participation in the enchanting tapestry of Yule.

In embracing nature’s winter splendor, we partake in a timeless ritual, becoming one with the season’s spirit. The Pacific Northwest, with its unique blend of nature’s wonders, becomes a playground for the soul, inviting us to revel in the magic of winter and celebrate the ever-changing dance of the seasons.

Collecting Winter’s Essence: A Libation for Freyja

In the enchanting dance of Yule, where winter’s magic blankets the earth, we find ourselves drawn to collect the essence of this fleeting season—a gesture that holds deep symbolic significance in honoring Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty, and seidr.

Capturing the First Yule Snowfall: Liquid Magic in a Jar

As the first delicate snowflakes fall, settling like whispers from the heavens, seize the opportunity to collect winter’s essence. With a jar in hand, venture into the wintry landscape and let the snowflakes alight upon its open mouth. This act is more than a mere collection; it’s a communion with the pure, unspoiled magic that winter bestows upon the earth.

Bring your jar of collected snow indoors, cradling it as you watch the enchantment unfold. As the snow gently melts, it transforms into liquid magic—an elixir that embodies the potentiality of the season. This water, infused with the essence of the first Yule snow, becomes a sacred libation, a symbol of purity and the promise of new beginnings.

A Libation for Freyja: A Toast to Love and Magic

In honoring Freyja, the goddess whose domain encompasses love, beauty, and the mystical art of seidr, offer this liquid magic as a libation. A simple ritual unfolds—a toast to the goddess with a heart of champagne, perhaps adorned with the sweetness of strawberries and the richness of chocolate. The effervescence of the drink mirrors the spirit of the season, and as you sip, you acknowledge the magic that flows through both nature and the divine.

A Beacon of Warmth: The Hearth and the Starlit Sky

As you revel in outdoor festivities or retreat indoors, the fire becomes a central symbol—a beacon of warmth that echoes the enduring spirit of Yule. Whether it crackles within the hearth of your home, casting a comforting glow over the surroundings, or dances beneath the starlit sky in an outdoor gathering, the fire represents the hearth of the season, a focal point where stories are shared, laughter resounds, and the communal spirit thrives.

In the act of collecting winter’s essence and offering it as a libation to Freyja, we engage in a magical exchange with the season itself. The melting snow becomes a metaphor for transformation, and the fire, a symbol of continuity. As we sip from the cup of winter’s magic, we toast to love, beauty, and the ever-renewing cycle of life—an intimate connection with Freyja and the enchantment of Yule.

Keep in Mind: Drinking Melted Snow

While the idea of collecting and drinking melted snow can evoke a sense of enchantment and tradition, it’s crucial to exercise caution and consider certain factors before indulging in this practice.

  • Purity of the Snow: Ensure that the snow you collect is from a clean and uncontaminated source. Avoid areas where pollutants, chemicals, or other contaminants may have settled. Urban environments, for example, may introduce impurities that can compromise the safety of the melted snow.
  • Hygiene Practices: The act of collecting snow involves exposure to the open environment. Before melting and consuming the snow, be mindful of hygiene practices. Using a clean jar or container and handling the snow with washed hands helps minimize the risk of introducing unwanted elements.
  • Treatment of Snow: Melted snow is essentially untreated water. If you have concerns about the quality of the snow or its potential contamination, it’s advisable to treat the water before consumption. Boiling or using water purification tablets can be effective methods to ensure its safety.
  • Local Regulations: Be aware of any local regulations or advisories regarding the consumption of snow. In some areas, especially those with high levels of air pollution or industrial activity, authorities may issue warnings about the safety of consuming snow directly.
  • Individual Health Considerations: Individuals with compromised immune systems, pregnant individuals, or those with specific health conditions should exercise additional caution. If you have any doubts about the safety of consuming melted snow, consult with a healthcare professional.

This disclaimer is a reminder to approach the charming tradition of collecting and drinking melted snow with thoughtful consideration for safety and hygiene. Always prioritize your well-being and adhere to local guidelines to ensure a delightful and risk-free experience.

On this enchanted tenth day of Yule, may the wisdom of Freyja illuminate your divinations, the beauty of winter captivate your soul, and the promise of the new year unfold in a dance of magic and merriment.

Conclusion: A Tapestry Woven in Winter’s Glow

As the tenth day of Yule draws to a close, we find ourselves embraced by the enchantment of divination, the grace of Freyja, and the magic of a winter landscape. In seeking guidance from the goddess of love and seidr, we dance with fate, unraveling the threads of destiny through the language of the cosmos. With offerings of delights laid at Freyja’s altar, we honor the multifaceted nature of existence—celebrating love, embracing feminine energy, and declaring our independence. The air is filled with the sweet scent of amber incense, and flowers stand as fleeting symbols of life’s transience. Venturing into the transformed world outside, we immerse ourselves in winter’s splendor. Whether the ground is blanketed in snow or adorned with the muted hues of the season, our footsteps leave imprints of joy and magic. Snowpersons, snowball fights, and ethereal snow angels become expressions of our communion with the spirit of the Pacific Northwest’s unique seasonal shift. And as we collect the essence of the first Yule snow in a jar, we hold in our hands liquid magic—a libation for Freyja, a symbol of potentiality. Around a fire, whether within our homes or beneath the starlit sky, we find warmth and endurance—a beacon that symbolizes the enduring spirit of the season. In these moments, where divination, offerings, nature’s beauty, and timeless traditions converge, we weave a tapestry that captures the essence of Yule. May the blessings of Freyja linger in our hearts as we journey into the promise of a new year, carrying the magic of winter’s glow with us.


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