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Dec 29th – The 10th Day of Yule

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Dec 29th – Looking into the New Year, Enjoying Nature, Freyja

Looking into the New Year, Enjoying Nature, Freyja

The tenth day of Yule is about looking in the New Year, enjoying the seasonal landscape, and honoring Freyja. This evening Freyja will aid you in your divination. Traditional Bleigiessen style is used, but you can do a reading in any style you are comfortable with. This is also the time that the landscape has really changed to winter. Take a walk, and build a snowperson!


In Norse mythology, Freyja is a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seidr (‘seer’). She lives in Folkvangr (‘Field of the People’), rides a carriage drawn by cats, and is connected not just with love and lust but also with wealth, and magic, as well as hand-picking half of all fallen warriors on battlefields to go into Odin’s hall of Valhalla – the other half being selected by Odin himself.

Looking into the New Year

Today we will honor Freyja in her aspect as seidkona (‘magic woman’) as we ask for guidance regarding the coming year. Call upon Freyja to aid you in divination for the New Year. Any style of divination is acceptable, it must be the way of divination that’s most comfortable to you. Runes, tarot, Lenormand, scrying, to name a few styles.

In Germany, some families divine their fortune by using Bleigiessen (lead pouring). Small bits of lead or tin are melted and then dropped into water. The form created by the metal is examined to determine the future. Candles can also be used, pouring candle wax into water and then interpreting shapes in the wax.

Offerings for Freyja

Make sure to give an offering to Freyja to thank her for her assistance. She is fond of champagne, strawberries, chocolate, amber incense, and flowers. Any act of love is an offering to Freyja, as is strong feminine energy and independence. She enjoys honey and flowers meaning a strong flower tea sweetened by honey is a nice drink to leave her on the altar.

Enjoying Nature

Depending on where you live this task is completed differently. The change of fall to winter is complete, and now you may have snow. Winter Solstice happened a while ago but it’s not generally until this time of December that the PNW starts seeing a real winter landscape. Maybe a few days before or a few after. Go out, if it’s safe, and take a nice walk in the changed world. Bundle up and enjoy a fire, inside or outside.

If it’s safe to go out, time to make some winter fun. Snowball fights, snowpersons, snow angels. Collect some fresh clean snow up in a jar, the first Yule snow will melt but the water will be perfect for magic.


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8 months ago

I think the 10th day of Yule is my favorite. Nature is to be cherished